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Brimble Table Lamp


As our journey progresses, we'll always be looking for more sustainable practices, because protecting the world we live in for the future is as important as giving back to nature now. 

In the future, we hope to run rewilding and other conservation projects across the UK, but for now, we are working with a conservation team local to the South Cotswolds area who are restoring areas of ancient woodland that have been ravaged by Ash Dieback.


In the past four years, Ash Dieback has destroyed 80% of the ash trees across the country, which has resulted in major losses within ancient woodlands and their ecosystems, which nowadays only cover 2.5% of the UK. 

We'll be helping to replenish these precious woodlands with native trees, such as the English Oak, Hazel, and Yew. 


With every Legato lamp that we sell, we'll use a portion of our profit to plant a tree.


That is our nature promise.

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