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H A N D M A D E   &   L O C A L

Legato creates original lighting that has been handcrafted by artisan in London. 

Showcasing the natural, textured, flowing forms found in the world around us in unique and beautiful ways, each Legato lamp takes approximately six to eight weeks to make. 

Once each lamp is made from either ceramic or cast composite, it will either be glazed or receive its decorative finish at our studio in Clapham, bringing to life the unique textures, shapes and shadows synonymous with Legato, making every lamp a piece of art within itself.

Patience Spring Afternoon

U N I Q U E   D E S I G N S

Finding inspiration in nature is a tale old as time, but it's a good one. Our lamps capture nature in a sculptural way that celebrates its unique form and movement.

The link between us and nature has, for millennia past, promoted health, wellbeing and created calmness throughout our lives and our homes. Lighting has a similar effect and has the capability to define the atmosphere and provide the finishing touch within an interior space.

We offer bespoke options across our full collection through:

  • Lamp base colour

  • Lamp holder and chains

  • Flex, plugs and switches

  • Lampshade fabrics

  • International plug requirements

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements

Prudence and Brimble Lamps
Laetitia Pendant Light

O U R   F O U N D E R

Legato Founder, Matilda came to lighting in a slightly unusual way. Having worked at House & Garden and The World of Interiors magazines for years, she took a brief hiatus from the industry before returning to work at TAT London in 2021.

A chance encounter with ceramics shortly after saw Matilda learning all she could about the craft and so began the initial concepts of our first designs.


Each Legato design is first created from clay before being adapted to either ceramic or cast composite. Clay offers movement, undulation and imperfection, all things that thrive in nature and what we look to imitate.

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